American Standards Phoenix, Arizona

Chaos driven noise punk from Phoenix, Arizona.


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Track Name: Self (En)titled
The distraction last a little while, but the problem still remains
We're measuring our happiness in wealth and capital gains
We rose above our fathers, but our ethics hit the wall
We're taking all the shortcuts to appear we're twice as tall
But we are nothing
No one
Less than that if modest.
Track Name: Raised By Wolves
You've been hand fed
Then misled
You've been beating the horse because you don't want to die all alone
Who is worse
The one who's feeding you lies
Or you for just swallowing them whole
Raised by wolves
We've been raised by wolves
Thoughts worming inward
Am I the hunter or the hunted
I guess we'll find out the answer when we're both dead
My heart, my compass
My coup de grace
We fought for so much more but always settle for so much less
The dream is over.
Track Name: Bottom Feeder
These poison fingertips
The venom on your lips
Taste of regret and the mistakes that you have made
Misery loves company
I'm the death of that party
Bottom feeder
You seize the day
I'll seize the night
Devil lady
Release your grip
You've got a hold of me, but you ain't seen nothing yet
If you've the knife, I've got the disease
I want to cut every bit of it out of me
I want to build you up just to knock you down
Fill half your cup just to watch you drown
We're the best at finding all the bad
We don't care what we've got
It's what we do not have
Bottom feeder
You seize the day
And I will seize the night
Track Name: Paradigm-Alt-Shift-Delete
Sent down to corporate gallows
Stepping stones for the strong to survive
Hanging from neck ties as we swing
We don't have the look, no we don't have the face for your new business model
I'll be gone a long time, baby
I'll be gone a long time, honey
Overworked and underpaid
Coffins for cubicles and I'm under dressed
A wolf in sheep's clothing at the company masquerade
Soul train down the profit margin
I'm just trying to keep my head above the water
It's getting harder everyday
Becoming one with the machine
I don't know where it ends and where we begin
They remove the heart but demand the function
All for progress and production.
Track Name: Harvester
Now is the time we figure things out or we both go our separate ways
Have they taken our will and the thrill of the fight or are we giving them hell to pay
It's not alright
It's not okay
It's not the way things have to be
It's gone on too long
Comfortably numb
The human disease
Abstract oblivion
All fore mentioned just doublespeak
We're overwhelmed with the underwhelming
Over fed and starving for more
Buying all the pitch is selling
If the good die young
What am I trying for
Still life surrealist
You've lost your way
We've found the movement within the rhythm of the beat
Our destiny is machine made
Living life through these minor chords
Taking the path of least resistance instead of following our hearts
No we don't have a pulse
Our blood is on the market
Stock prices are falling
The thief has broken in but there is nothing left to steal
Robbed of each last dignity
Salivating at the kill
A televised rendition of this lethal injection
Perfecting imperfections peeling back each layer of skin
If this blood in my veins was oil, they'd kill me, bleed me dry, salivating at each last drop
We put a price on our time
We put a price on our life
We put a price on our heart and now we have nothing left to sell.
Track Name: The Red Queen
Do the worker bees die on their knees through the time lines that they live
Devoted to the red queen and the hives best practices
The innate capacity to understand
Decipher the blueprints to master plans devised thousands of years ago
March to the drum
The trumpets false prophets
Propaganda, the dialog of choice
Rewired brains
Antennas receptive to what's black and what's white
Diluting our minds
Stand idly by
Find comfort in submission
Assembly line editions
From cradle to grave, we've romanced the idea that silence is golden
Seducing the mainstream with punk rock ideals
Hey worker bees
Hey soldier ants
With tongues sharp as knives you must clench your teeth
Speak up
A revolution built upon sound bites
Falling in and out of the context.
Track Name: Still Life
We took two separate paths but we didn't meet in the middle
No, sometimes it feels we're right back where we began
Disappointed at an endless world of impossibilities and the overwhelming obstacles along the way
Facing barricades that warn do not pass
Shattered dreams like broken glass
So we shrug it all off and get on with a laugh
I take one step forward for each two steps back
I'm constantly moving but not getting anywhere
So I start running just to stay in place
We are more than what we have become
We aren't mirror images of what we're supposed to be
When I thought I had hit the bottom, you handed me a shovel
But maybe, baby we were buried from the beginning
Oh, I feel I've been digging 26 years just to get to ground level
So I climb and I climb to get to rock bottom
Sometimes I feel I'm stuck in the still life.