The Death Of Rhythm And Blues

by American Standards

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released September 14, 2013

Mixed & mastered by Joe Gerhard with JM Studios



all rights reserved


American Standards Phoenix, Arizona

Chaos driven noise punk from Phoenix, Arizona.


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Track Name: The Engine and the Engineer
Man can create a mechanical heart
He can discard the organs for synthetic parts
Then he programs the mind
And he thickens the skin
They resemble humans but
Their not your friends
They are drones
Without meaning
They are fakes
Without reason
They know all the motions and don't deviate
They are slaves
To false idols
They are cowards
Bound by fear
They think far too long
And feel way too late

Creator of death

Reign down
On us
May you stand on A grave of our bones
Our thoughts
No one will mourn your death

Do these gears have a pulse
A blood that flows of the revolt
Do they create with love but design with this hate

Man can build a face that never frowns but does it understand the reason of its smile

Cold hands and warm hearts
Hold steady, stay the course
Course of action
That led us all to here
Madman took the wheel to steer

Nothing will be left to remember the mistake

We are the disconnected
We are the disconnect

We aren't machines
Track Name: Dead Man's Victory
Dead Mans Victory

I met the devil at the crossroads
Cause this broken back
And hollow bones
Can hold no more
These hollow bones

Brief intermissions
Between splintered tongue
A defunct barter system
I swear I got the best of him

Oh I know I've done a lot of wrong
And my mistakes , they'll catch up with me
But I'll be damned
Oh I'll be damned
If I'd ever change the life I lead
Cause I've got this noose that I call time
its gripping tighter at my neck
And with each day
Oh with each day
I feel that chair

Keep keeping on
Oh I keep on

Carve my name in hearts
Cause this marble is ever changin'

Take all that you can grab
And when your arms can hold no more
Let's see if it fills the hole
In empty chest in your empty soul

Hold strong
My gritted teeth
And when you've ground your teeth down to the gums
Hold strong
Track Name: The Burden of Being
the Burden of Being

I've felt the force of gravity
Pushing down on me
My dreams steadily at my fingertips
But somehow just out of reach
I've traveled a million miles
So What's a few more?
What's A few more to go?
But am I heading in the right direction
I fear ill never know
Oh, but I've got this passion
It Lies in the pit of my heart
Finds its way into the words I speak
It knows the end, before I start

As I tie this noose around my own neck
I speak my final words and pay my last respects
This burden of being these dead memories
are leading the way and setting me free

Can't shake this
Can't shake this feeling

If each road I take
Leads to the same dead end
Ill take the scenic route
anchored by fear I descend
No, I don't want to
Give up this fading ghost
Endless cycles
Broken records
I wanted a revolution
And I was brought back to where I began

I'm made bitter from the process over time
Track Name: Interlude
Track Name: Misery Relapse
Misery Relapse

I speak these words
With a serpents tongue
Like the iron lung I'm confined to this
I shed my skin
with a sirens kiss
Our mouths closed tight

Oh my friend, the guillotine
Has the harshest bite
But when she's right
I should of packed my bags
left my head behind
Cause these thoughts are what keep me up at night

I've got this hell to pay
but my pockets have been emptied
Oh, I've sang the blues till I was blue in the face

As I delve to new depths
Indebted to each and every breath

Hearts on fire
Sparks fly from my mouth
As Dreams expire
I'm handed my ticket out
These old bones still move
So I'll sing my discontent
Until my lungs collapse

Break through these concrete hearts

This idea holds no ghost

It's so easy to drown with this weight at your feet

Hearts on fire
Sparks fly from my mouth
As Dreams expire
I'm handed my ticket out
These old bones still move
So I'll sing my discontent
Until my lungs collapse

(Hearts on fire)
With heavy hands and a heavy heart
I knew the words but not how to start
So I built my bridge over a lake of fire
So when i fell the crowd could admire
With no urgency in our glare
we found ourselves collapsing into old habits
Dancing with depression and pulling flesh from the bone
May my heartache be your home
And one by one we'll fall from this cliff
Waiting our turn just because there's a line
Living life between these blackouts
oh, how the cockroaches scatter from the light
(With our Hearts on fire)